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Welcome to The Tramp Review, the best trampoline reviews site online! A trampoline can create hours of fun for the entire family.  Buying a trampoline is a big decision for any family and choosing the best one can be a long process.  As you read over trampoline reviews and consider all the options on the market today, there are a number of factors to keep in mind – the manufacturer (the brand), the shape, the size, and the safety features of the trampoline.

Check out some of these top selling trampolines

Rating / 5 | Review
Skywalker Oval Trampoline and Enclosure17' Diameter | Oval | 250lb Per Person Weight Limit | Ground Anchors4.7

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Pure Fun Trampoline14' Diameter | Round | 250lb Per Person Weight Limit | Weather Resistant4.2

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Large Square S113 Springfree Trampoline15' x 15' | Square | 250lb Weight Limit (Structural load = 1100lb limit) | NO SPRINGS5.0

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Skywalker Trampolines Round Trampoline and Enclosure15' Diameter | Round | 220lb Per Person Weight Limit | Enclosure Part of Frame4.6

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JumpSport Elite 12' Trampoline12' Diameter | Round | 235lb Per Person Weight Limit | 15 Year Frame Warranty4.3

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*Prices are based on Amazon, which are subject to change, but are approximately $ = <$250, $$ = $250 – $499, $$$ = $500 – $749, $$$$ = $750+


Top Trampoline Brands

A number of well known companies make trampolines, each with its own variety of models.  Doing a quick search for trampolines on Amazon or other shopping sites can give you more information about each manufacturer.  Five well known brands are listed below, along with some of the options they offer:

    • Skywalker – With over a dozen different models, Skywalker offers a wide range of models.  Designed with both fun and safety in mind, their trampolines come in different sizes – from 8’ round trampolines all the way up to 17’ by 15’ oval trampolines – and each one comes with its own safety enclosure.  Skywalker also produces rectangular and square trampolines. Read Skywalker Trampoline reviews here.


    • JumpSport – Not only does JumpSport value safety in its trampolines and enclosures, but it has been an innovator in trampoline safety for over 25 years.  Also, JumpSport’s innovations in trampoline technology gives their trampolines better bounce and higher quality. The Tramp Review has a full page devoted to JumpSport, check out those reviews on this page.


    • Springfree - You won’t find any metal springs on a Springfree trampoline.  All of its models use fiberglass rods combined with an elevated jumping surface.  These two innovations keep jumpers away from the frame (which is well below the jumping surface) and makes it impossible for clothing, hair, or body parts to get caught in a spring.  Read Springfree Trampoline reviews here.


    • Pure Fun – Offering 12’, 14’, and 15’ trampolines, Pure Fun sells their trampolines either with or without a safety enclosure.  You can also purchase them as a set.  Their frames are fabricated with a patented ‘no weld’ T-joint system.  Each trampoline is constructed from heavy duty springs, galvanized steel tubing, and rust resistant metals. Read all about Pure Fun trampolines on this page.


    • Ultega – This company produces a number of outdoor products and fitness products as well as trampolines.  Their line of trampolines is fairly small with Utega offering only one style of trampoline (round) in three sizes – 10’, 12’ and 14’.  Each one is made from galvanized steel, a UV resistant jumping surface, and is surrounded by a 5’ 9” safety enclosure.


Types of Trampolines 

Trampolines come is several shapes and sizes. The Tramp Review provides trampoline reviews for most of these types of tramps. The shape that you choose depends on your available space.  Some of the standard trampoline shapes are listed below:

  • Round
  • Square
  • Rectangular
  • Octagonal
  • Oval

For some consumers, the shape of the trampoline may not be an issue.  For example, those people who have a very large available space for their trampoline may not need to be concerned about shape.

However, for those consumers who have limited space or whose available space is a certain shape, one shape may be better than another.  A family with a long narrow space may not be able to fit a round or octagonal trampoline, but a rectangular or oval trampoline could fit well.  On the other hand, if the space is more square shaped, an octagon, square, or circle shaped trampoline might be a better fit.


Trampoline Size

As well as different shapes, trampolines come in a variety of sizes.  Because of this, there is no standard size.  Small trampolines which are marketed towards for younger children can be as small as 55” in diameter.  Larger trampolines may have a 17’ or larger jumping surface.  For example, in the Olympic sport of trampolining, a 10’ by 17’ trampoline is used.  Some other common sizes of recreational trampolines are listed below:

  • 7’
  • 8’
  • 10’
  • 12’
  • 14’
  • 15’


The size of the space available, how much space you want surrounding the trampoline, and how many people will be using the trampoline are important factors to keep in mind when selecting which size to purchase.  Also, reading up on trampoline info helps you to decide on which size is best.

Some models which list at a certain size – for example, a 15’ round trampoline – might be larger than 15’ across.  The ‘15 feet’ may refer to the jumping surface, but the ‘footprint’ (the total size) may be greater than the width of that surface.  So make sure to measure the available space and the total size of the model you are considering.  After all, no one wants to get a trampoline assembled almost all the way only to find out that it doesn’t fit!


Trampoline Safety

Safety is one of the most important factors to consider when shopping for a trampoline.  While safety concerns may make some parents hesitant to buy a trampoline for their children, they may not be aware of the technological advances that have made trampolining much safer than it was in the past. The Tramp Review has trampoline reviews for The Safest Trampoline too! Some common safety features found on contemporary trampoline models are listed below:

  • Safety enclosures – Many models come equipped with safety enclosures which completely surround the jumping surface.  This helps to prevent jumpers from flying off the trampoline if they jump badly or lose their balance.
  • Spring covers and safety padding – Durable padding, which covers the coiled springs and the edge of the trampoline’s frame, helps to reduce injuries if a jumper fails to land on the jumping surface.  It also keeps hands, arms, and heads from getting caught in or between the springs.
  • Attached jumping surface and safety netting – For models that include a safety enclosure, it is possible to attach the jumping surface to the enclosure, preventing any gaps between the two.
  • Springless (coil free) trampolines – A few trampolines on the market are made without traditional steel springs.  These ‘springless’ systems prevent injuries which result from body parts getting caught in traditional coils.

Whenever you are searching for the right trampoline for your family, consider the safety of the model.  As well, reading trampoline reviews written by current trampoline owners will help you to get a feel for how safe a particular model might be.


Weight Limit

Trampolines are not engineered to take an unlimited amount of weight.  If too much weight and stress is placed on the trampoline, damages and injuries can occur.  Trampolines are rated to a certain weight limit; some have individual weight limits while others may have a combined weight limit.  A quick search for trampoline reviews will help you to learn more about a trampoline’s weight restrictions.  Some questions to ask when thinking of weight limits are:

  • Will older children and/ or adults being using it or only younger children?
  • What is the height and weight of the jumpers?
  • How many will be jumping?


Using Your Trampoline

In addition to the above factors, there is one very important question to ask yourself: Why do you want a trampoline?  Having an idea how you and your family will use the trampoline may help you to decide what size, shape, and brand will best suit your needs.  Here are a few commons uses for trampolines.

Keep in mind that trampolines can be used for multiple purposes, but having a specific use in mind may steer you towards one type of trampoline over others.  Being familiar with the manufacturer’s specifications for the trampoline is a good thing, but also reading other consumers’ trampoline reviews will give you a sense of how a particular model performs under real world conditions.


Making Your Purchase

So as you go through the process of doing your research, reading trampoline reviews, and then choosing which trampoline will best suit your needs, keep these factors in mind to help you to decide which trampoline is best for your family.